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Varekai, · by · Cirque · du · Soleil

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Does anyone know where I can find a CD by Zara? The one I want is in Swedish, but the title is "Heaven's Hat" in English. Also, does anyone know where to get hard-to-find pics of her?  
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Hey, everyone. Haven't posted anything lately because I feel like I've just been so busy with college stuff I could die.
Anyway, I got all four wisdom teeth pulled today, so since I wasn't in the humour to do much of anything, I moped about on the couch and tried not to bleed on the pillow and watched the first disc of Fire Within.. I hadn't watched it in quite some time, so probably tomorrow if all the drugs don't knock me out, I'll watch the other two.

But, anyway.. that was kind of irrelevant.. my main point was:

What's your overall opinion of Gareth Hopkins? I guess I can see how people can be sympathetic towards him, because I guess he went through a lot of home problems during Fire Within, but to me, it kind of just seemed like he was adding this Real World-level drama to the show that seemed really out of place, and if I daresay, unprofessional. Even when he wasn't all set to run back to England, he was sitting around complaining about all the stuff they made him do and how he didn't want to be there. Which seems really stupid to me when there are so many people who would absolutely kill to be involved in one of the shows.
And anyway, I think Ashley's totally adorable and so patient with him. But that's just me.
What do you all think?

edit Also, just for some useless stats, cirque_varekai has almost seventy members now, and all members are watching the community as well, which is really wonderful! Thank you all so much for your support!
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Hey, everyone! Just wanted to give you an update on Anton lately, in case you haven't been keeping up. This is per delix... thanks for sharing! <3
Anton is apparently currently performing with Margarita Khasanova in a Pas de Deux called "Pas d'Eau". It is a "highly erotic performance in the floating water washbasin high above the theatrical stage. Originally that adagio under water was created by Anton's father Nicolay Chelnokov a quite time ago and it is performed by Margarita Khasanova alone." 

The only links I have are in German, but here you go!

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Does anyone in this community do icon requests?

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Hello everybody! I've just joined your community and just wanted to say Hi to all of you.
I am a Varekai fan - just like you, I am form Moscow- Russia but I spent some time studying in the USA and then in Italy - Milano, so I had an opprtunity to see a couple of Cirque shows. They are all so amazing, but still Varekai is my favourite one - it is simply fabulous!!! 

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Just fooling around with some pictures. Credit isn't necessary, but is appreciated. Enjoy!

-- Varekai (3)

--Alegria (2)


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I made this icon a long time ago, but never posted it. 

Please tell me what you think


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the short video "dolce vita tour 2007" and of course anton is there...
I hope you like it!
here is the link:


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Anton worked at "the Dolce Vita Tour 2007" but I don't know what he did at that show... does he did the aereal net act ??

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Hello everyone. I have a question/request and this seemed like a good place to go. I'm a choreographer and I have my first huge show coming up. It's the most responsibility I've been given thus far, and the dance core is a band of gypsies. With that in mind:

I need some music that has a mystical, gypsy-esque feel to it, maybe with arabian influence, possibly similar to bellydancing music? I'm not sure
I've heard Quidam from Crique du Soleil has a similar feel to that. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to even hear clips from it because they don't have that option for that CD on Amazon. I don't know much about Varekai. What sort of feel does it have?

Would anyone be willing to share the tracks with me?

I'll buy it if I end up liking the music, but I'm searching through alot of music and I can't buy 50 CD's, I don't have the funds. It would be so incredibly helpful.

2) Does anyone happen to have other suggestions for music similar to what I'm looking for, Cirque du Soleil or not? I could really use any help because I'm kind of shooting in the dark here.

Oh, and an additional note: I know Cirque de Soleil has some realyl beautiful vocals but that's not what I'm focusing on, so, the more instrumental, the better.

Any suggestions you have would be so very helpful.
Thank you!!

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